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Pink Birthday Cake

Birthday Parties

 All birthday packages include:

  • Decorations

  • Two plus hours of studio time.

  • Chips, beverages, 2 pizza slices

  • Need a cake? Ask me!

  • Run by certified teachers



Paint Your Name Wooden Sign or

Inspirational quote of choice

Pine board 4x12"

Personalized vinyl name/quote stencil

brushes, paint



T'ween Birthday

This unique event is designed with the older child in mind. First, your group will receive a motivational talk by a certified teacher who has experience running empowerment, self esteem and diversity clubs.

Next, the party will choose an inspirational quote and design/paint their own vision board.



Pine board

Stencil Inspiration Quote

Paint, Brushes

Cost: 40.00


Stones of Meaning
Affirmation Poster
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